Sell your watch to Corello

How I can sell my watch to Corello?

You can contact us by phone at (+34) 938 844789 by email at or by Whatsapp (+34) 696 841 619

We will contact you and will guide you through each step. We will give you a valuation without obligation, if accepted, will send a contract proposal signed with the purchase price has been agreed and we will arrange shipping with corresponding insurance.

Our goal is to ensure a safe and simple buying process so you do not have to worry.

What specific brands you buy?

We buy all kind of watches.

How long it takes to complete a sale?

There are different times: from immediate sales in our store, to about 48 hours to complete the process remotely.

We want to provide an efficient and safe service so we are always available to help you during the process.

Buy a watch from Corello

What guarantee have Corello watches?

Our watches have 1 year of warrany.

The warranty covers box, movement, sphere and bolts under the terms described.

Any component covered by it will be replaced without any cost or even the clock amount can be returned if it’s a manufacturing defect of components and assembly under normal use.

Warranty does not cover:
Belt, damage resulting from improper use, lack of care, accidents or normal wear and tear, water damage unless the watch is designated as waterproof and battery if applicable.

What advantages has Corello?

In Corello we have extensive experience in buy-sell watches. We are professional jewelers specialized in watches.

Can guarantee that all our products are genuine, do not buy or sell false or replica watches. We reject the purchase of any product we cannot guarantee 100% authenticity.

All our watches have been checked thoroughly and have 1 year of warranty.

Maximum discretion, privacy and service.

How can I buy a watch from Corello

You can buy one of our exclusive watches by contacting us at (+34) 938 844 789, by email at or Whatsapp at (+34) 696 841 619

Once contact us, our team will assist you in a personalized way to ensure our level of excellence.

We send our products ensured to any part of the world.

Our goal is offer the best customer service.

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